Welcome to Middle School

Welcome to the Arendell Parrott Academy Middle School!

Middle School is a distinct time of transition for students.  They are learning how to navigate adolescence, relate to their peers, organize themselves to be productive learners, relocate every class period, and adjust to the expectations of different teachers each period.  Students experience free time at break and lunch during which they may choose to eat, play, get academic assistance, or study independently.

We hope that Middle School is a time of emerging intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.  Students have the opportunity to explore a range of Fine Arts and athletic offerings which help them find their passions.  Extra-curricular activities allow students to work as team members with their peers on both athletic and academic teams.

It is our goal in the APA Middle School to provide the structure and guidance for students to learn to make good choices both academically and relationally.  We want students to learn self-advocacy so that they are prepared to be successful as they move through higher grades.  There are sometimes struggles academically and with relationships which, when allowed to work through with support, enable students to emerge as capable young people who are emotionally ready to tackle difficult tasks.  Perseverance and resilience are two traits that I personally want each middle school student to develop.

The APA Middle School faculty work closely together to challenge and guide our students.  We care deeply for their well being and it is our goal to work with students and parents to provide the educational and emotional support needed to allow students to experience success.  Please contact the teachers if you need assistance.

It is an honor and a joy to serve as Head of Middle School at APA and I look forward to helping the students have a challenging and rewarding year.


Cyndy Faulkner & Robert Kravitz