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Friends of the Fine Arts
The Friends of Fine Arts (FOFA) supports and promotes Parrott’s incredible fine arts department. Members of FOFA include parents and patrons of the arts here at the Academy. The primary goal of FOFA is to help fund and support endeavors that foster and enhance the arts education of the school’s students.
Over the years, support funds from FOFA membership have helped the fine arts department procure professional sound equipment including microphones, speakers, Bluetooth devices and portable systems as well as musical instruments, performance shells for choral music, updated technology including iPads and arts software, art gallery boards, a custom-made guitar rack, and drafting tables for our upper school visual art program.
With the financial support of FOFA, our fine arts faculty are able to bring in guest artists from across the globe. These artists bring new ideas, techniques and perspectives that expose the students to innovations in the arts and help them to see the opportunities within the arts beyond their own experience and APA, as well as the creative application and careers that their fine arts education can foster.
Volunteers from FOFA play an essential role in the success of our fine arts programming. Volunteers are necessary for the installation of all of our fine arts events throughout the school year. They provide a support system for our fine arts faculty by providing and organizing snacks and meals for performers, helping with costume production, concessions and box office management. Volunteers help with load-in, break down and load-out of shows, they help construct, paint, and move set pieces, work backstage, launder costumes, take photographs and video of events, and provide logistical support for all of our concerts.

Please consider joining FOFA! Your financial support, time and talents are needed! For more information or to learn how to become a member and get more involved with the arts at APA, please email the President of FOFA.