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Friends of the Fine Arts
The Friends of the Fine Arts (FOFA) works to promote Parrott's excellent arts programs. Members include parents and supporters of the arts here at the Academy. FOFA supports those endeavors which will foster the arts education of our children. FOFA raises funds to support scholarships for graduating seniors in each of the disciplines: visual arts, theatre, dance, orchestra, chorus, and guitar. The main fund raising event is Arts in the Park, held annually in the fall. During the event, each discipline is showcased in a festival atmosphere. The event consists of mini concerts, solo, and group performances giving all students an opportunity to perform.

FOFA also provides funding for visiting artists. The artists bring new ideas, expose students to innovations in the arts, and promote networking in the art world. FOFA helps augment programs and most recently has provided new guitar storage racks.

Volunteers play an essential role in the success of our fine arts programming. They are necessary for the installation of our annual art show. They help with costume production and box office management for theatre events. Parents construct, paint, and move set pieces, occasionally appear on stage, and provide meals for rehearsals, just to name a few behind the scenes activities. Volunteers provide logistical support for fall and spring concerts. FOFA works cooperatively with the Patriot Club to provide desserts at several athletic events.

We need parents who have a passion for the arts to come share their time and talents with FOFA. Meetings occur in the morning on the third Thursday of each month in the lobby of the Nelson-Williams building. Attendance is not required to participate as a volunteer. Please sign up because a host of volunteers is needed for each event. Newcomers are most welcome!

For more information, please email the President of FOFA.