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Our Community

Faculty & Staff

2018-19 Faculty and Staff
  Admissions 202
  Academic Center 228
  Extended Day 260
  Alumni Relations 208
Administration Position Ext.
Dr. Bert Bright Headmaster 207
Hugh Pollock Assistant Headmaster/Alumni Relations 208
Steve Bryant Director of Operations 209
Laura McPhaul Administrative Assistant to the Headmaster 206
Carolyn Allen Admissions Director 202
Candi Beaman Technology Director 241
Matt Beaman Athletic Director 263
Amy Davis Librarian 212
Malia Ervin Finance Director 205
LuAnn Fletcher Office Manager/Bus Coordinator 201
Anne Fields Health Services/Finance Assistant 294
Judy Grant Cafeteria Manager 267
Kelly Johnson Assistant Athletic Director 269
Crystal Lewis MS Advisor 256
Leslie Lewis Community Service Coordinator 268
Mitzi Moye College Advisor 239
Liz Robinson Housekeeping Supervisor 290
Kristin White US Guidance Counselor and Registrar 210
Crystal Wooten Academic Center/Extended Day Director 228/260
For a full listing of Faculty and Staff, please see our Faculty & Staff page


Board of Trustees

2018 APA Board Members
Mr. Stuart Lindley
Vice President Mrs. Wendy Murphy
Secretary Mr. Hardy Creech
Assistant Secretary Mrs. Jan Mizelle
Treasurer Mr. Marty Measamer
Assistant Treasurer Mr. Brian Wiggins
Mr. Brent Lee
Mr. Trey Foy
Mr. Greg Peacock
Mrs. Amy Remington
Past President
Mr. Stephen Hill
Past President Mr. Dee Warner
Mr. William Austin Mr. Trent Mooring
Dr. Scott Avery Mrs. Marti Mostellear
Mrs. Ellen Chance Mr. Tom O'Brien
Mrs. Jody Cheek Mrs. Lillian Parrott
Mr. John Paul Corey Ms. Jeanette Parrott
Dr. Kent Denton Mr. Ely Perry
Mr. David Edwards Mrs. Barbara Rawl
Mr. Loren Edwards Mrs. Ashley Ricci
Mrs. Leigh Fanning Mrs. Vonda Robinson
Mrs. Lynn Ferebee Mr. Ward Sylvester
Dr. John Herlong Mrs. Lee Ann Thomas
Dr. John John Mr. Jeffery Turner
Mr. Landon Minges Mr. William Wilder


Magnolia Circle

The Magnolia Circle recognizes individuals who as supporters and friends of the Academy promote the importance of philanthropy and strong leadership, as faculty demonstrate dedication, innovation, and a passion for teaching, and as alumni possess strong character and distinguished professional success. The Magnolia Circle honorees represent an esteemed community of men and women whose loyalty and commitment to excellence have contributed to making Parrott Academy an exceptional independent school.
The Magnolia Circle 2015 Honorees

Ellen Chance
Loren Edwards
Emily Exum
Stephen Hill
A.L. Hobgood, III
Gray Johnsey
John and Stella Mewborne
Marion and Lillian Parrott
Barbara S. Perry
Sandra Sasser
Ike Southerland
Ray Wooten and Marjorie Wooten Barfield