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Advising and Guidance

Middle School Advising
The Head of Middle School provides students in grades 6-8 with the support they need to successfully perform in an accelerated academic environment. Our aim is to inspire students to reach their potential and find success in achieving their individual goals.

Topics addressed with students include study skills, test-taking tools and strategies, and peer relationships. Group discussions on social issues, such as peer pressure and bullying, are covered throughout the year. Outside speakers are invited to speak on selected topics, such as Internet safety and online digital citizenship.

The advisor advocates for students, promotes social success, and mediates conflict resolution as needed. She may communicate with parents on academic and social issues and help facilitate parent/teacher communications. Students are identified for enrichment activities, such as the Duke Talent Identification Program as well.

The advisor helps to coordinate standardized testing for the Middle School throughout the year to assess current ability and to identify knowledge gaps. The advisor works closely with individual instructors to promote student strengths in the classroom environment.
Upper School Guidance Program
The Upper School Guidance Program is designed to assist students as they grow from tentative ninth graders into confident young adults ready to venture into their futures. Students in grades 9-12 may consult with the college advisor, counselor, or Head of Upper School concerning class scheduling to make sure student schedules meet their needs and set them on the path to successfully achieving their goals. Students are encouraged to link high school and post-secondary education to future career options.

Information on enrichment opportunities, such as Summer Ventures in science and mathematics, Governor's School, and others, is made available to students. The guidance department will provide supporting documents as required of the school for applications to such programs.

The guidance department coordinates the school-wide testing program and provides information and consultation for Upper School students to help them plan an appropriate schedule of college admissions testing. All transcripts and forms needed for college applications will be coordinated and sent by the guidance counselor.

Parent conferences with faculty members or the counselor are arranged upon request or as the needs arises. The guidance office door is always open.
College Advising Program
"What is the best FIT for you?"

This is the question that drives our college advising and community service program, and we treasure taking this exciting journey with our students.

Our program helps students identify colleges and universities that best match each individual's needs and abilities. Beginning in freshman year, we assist our students as they challenge themselves in the classroom and beyond, all with the goal of learning more about themselves so by senior year, this "college fit" is hopefully more thrilling than stressful. Sophomore year, we make three college campus visits as a class and we use this time to coach students on how to visit a college. We encourage them to consider the factors in choosing a college, understanding the difference between public universities and private colleges, and preparing questions to ask when they visit schools on their own.

We partner with our faculty and coaches to help our students pursue an appropriate academic program and develop special talents or interests beyond the classroom, knowing that each new experience helps them learn more about themselves. Our goal is to empower our students to be the best they can be.

We enjoy helping students find meaningful volunteer experiences, summer enrichment, leadership opportunities, and other activities to help them discover their talents and passions.

Arendell Parrott Academy students are encouraged to challenge themselves with a strong course schedule and maintain a creditable academic and personal record. We communicate regularly with students and parents about testing schedules, and offer both testing and test prep options.

Individual sessions with the college advisor assist students in planning the high school experience and narrowing their college choices. Additional programs, campus speakers, and college tours help students and their parents gain insight into choosing the right college, the college admission process, and navigating financial aid. We also provide access to a software program that organizes college applications and provides for confidential and secure electronic transmission of school records. This program offers numerous modes of assistance to each student (historical admissions data, personal comparisons with acceptance data, direct links to each college, and private communication with the advisor).

The four-year cohesive effort involving students, parents, faculty, advisors, and counselors has resulted in over 99 percent of Academy graduates pursuing education beyond the secondary level. An on-campus Academic Center offers SAT and ACT test preparation, along with one-on-one and small group instruction for students who need additional support to reach their academic goals (additional tutorial fees apply).

We look forward to being your coach, cheerleader and advocate as you plan your future for college and beyond.