Third Grade

School Supplies

For uniformity, please follow the list. Teachers will provide pencil boxes. Due to limited desk
space, please don’t send ANY additional supplies.
  • Last names beginning A - L send one large tub of Lysol wipes
  • Last names beginning M - Z send one box of sandwich bags and one box of gallon bags
Rising Third Graders Summer Reading Requirement


How to be cool in the third grade coverThe primary goals of our summer reading program are to promote a love of reading for pleasure and to encourage reading continuity as a bridge to the next school year. In order to make summer reading a meaningful experience for our students, the entire grade will read the same book.
Rising 3rd graders need to read How to Be Cool in the Third Grade by Betsy Duffey and be prepared to take an AR test for a grade on the first week back to school.
ISBN-13: 9780141304663
AR level 3.5


From Your Second Grade Teachers

Summer Suggestions for your rising 3rd grader:
  • Summer Bridge Activities Workbook 2 to 3
  • Continue praciting math facts
    • Flash cards can be purchased at any Walmart, Dollar General, etc.
  • READ

Review packet