Sixth Grade

School Supplies

  • Sturdy 3-ring binder for each subject (see options below)
    • Students can purchase 2 2" binders for morning and afternoon classes
    • Students can purchase 1 3+" binder for all classes
  • 1 clear, 3-hole pocket folder for the front of each 3-ring binder if binder does not have a pocket
  • 20 plastic tabbed dividers for 3-ring binder
  • Notebook paper (college-ruled [preferred for reading] or wide-ruled)
  • 5 jumbo (extra large) & 1 large fabric book covers
  • Red checking pens (at least 2)
  • Blue or black pens (may be erasable)
  • 12 #2 pencils (mechanical or wooden)
  • Erasers
  • Pencil pouch (with holes for binder if using one large binder for all classes)
  • USB flash drive (labeled with name) in a Ziploc type sandwich bag or pencil pouch
  • 4 fine point different colored highlighters (must include yellow)
  • 1 dry erase marker - Expo type is fine (any color or size) (Math)
  • Double sided graph paper (Math)
  • 2 marble composition books (English & Reading)
  • 100 lined 4x6 index cards (History)
  • 1 poster board (History)
  • 1 pack (12+) colored pencils (Science & History)
  • 2 rolls duck tape (Science)
  • 1 roll paper towels, 1 container wipes (baby or cleaning) OR 1 box tissues (optional for Science)

Please have the following books for your student when we begin the school year. Make sure your student has a book that does not have any annotations or notes in it as we will be taking notes as a class.

We will begin working on The Witch of Blackbird Pond first. Please buy all three books, but be prepared to purchase one additional book. We will choose our fourth book as a class.

  1. The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare
    ISBN: 0547550294
  2. The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle by AVI
    ISBN: 0545477115
  3. The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau
    ISBN: 9780375822742

Downloadable files, including review packet & summer reading