School Supplies

Personal Supplies:

  • Child friendly book bag (large enough to accommodate a homework folder and snack bag)
  • Snack bag - your child will need to bring a healthy snack each day
  • Change of clothes including socks and underwear in a plastic bag with your child's name on it
  • Jacket with name on it - to leave in cubby
  • Extra tennis shoes for PE to leave in cubby
  • Rest mat with cover if desired (plastic, fold-able mat with a king size pillow case works great (see below for example) (something your child can handle on his/her own)
kinder mat  kindermat with cover

School Supplies (one per child):

  • One box Ziploc plastic bags - GALLON size (double zipper preferred - not sliders)
  • Two rolls of paper towels (Bounty Select-a-Size preferred)
  • Tub of Clorox Wipes (3/child)
  • 1-12oz. hand sanitizer
  • 1 polyvinyl 3-ring binder for Science Lab


The School will supply:

  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Homework folders
  • Glue sticks

Downloadable files, including review packet