Fifth Grade

School Supplies

  • notebook paper (replenish as needed)
  • three 1-2 subject spiral bound notebooks (for social studies, math, and science)
  • one polyvinyl (flimsy) 1" binder (for science lab)
  • lots of pencils (mechanical is fine)
  • ink pens of any color (pink, green, purple, or red)
  • one 2" binder (to hold all assignments and pencil pouch)
  • 8 dividers for 2" binder
  • zippered pencil pouch for binder (NO pencil boxes, please)
  • one 1" binder (for writing journal)
  • one 12" ruler with customary (inches) and metric units
  • one protractor
  • set of markers (minimum of eight colors)
  • set of colored pencils (minimum of eight colors)
  • flash drive for computer (small amount of storage needed)
  • glue stick and pair of scissors
  • 2 Expo markers (any color)
  • BOYS: one container of Clorox wipes or Lysol spray
  • GIRLS: one box of sandwich size Ziploc bags with seal

Rising Fifth Graders Summer Reading Requirement

This summer all rising 5th graders are required to read:
Old Yeller by Fred Gipson
The primary goals of our summer reading program are to promote a love of reading for pleasure and to encourage reading continuity as a bridge to the next school year. In order to make summer reading a meaningful experience for our students, the entire grade will read the same book, which will allow us to have in depth discussions about this novel when the students return. The students should be prepared to take the AR test on this book when they return to school. Also, a written test will be given at the beginning of the school year.

Downloadable files, including review packet