Re-Opening of School Fall 2020

Contribute to the APA COVID19 Emergency Relief Fund

The APA Emergency Relief Fund, effective immediately, has been created as a source outside of our operating budget to offer additional assistance to families that have been adversely affected by the COVID19 Pandemic. Contributions to this fund can also be made to help support the additional upfront cost that the academy is assuming to safely re-open campus in the fall.

Several supporters of the school have communicated a desire to help financially given the economic circumstances that independent schools and their loyal families are facing. Many APA families have graciously contributed back the credits issued by the school resulting from our closure from March 13 through the end of the year.

If you would like to make a contribution, please contact Malia McCoy at or make a donation online here.

Health and Safety

Our goal is to re-open campus and STAY open for the remainder of the school year. In order to meet this goal, we may be implementing new practices and protocols. We will be monitoring the latest COVID19 information for the communities we serve on a daily basis. We are committed to educating our APA families on best practices for staying healthy and making adjustments necessary to minimize exposure.
  • The Head of School, Division Heads, and Director of Health Services as well as other administrators have completed a COVID-19 Contact Tracing Certification Course through Johns Hopkins University.
  • APA has contracted with IsoKlean, LLC to purchase two electrostatic disinfectant foggers. These will be utilized on a regular basis to sanitize our facilities and buses.
  • Temperature checks will be administered to all faculty, staff, students, parents, and visitors prior to entry into any building on campus. Mid-day temperature checks will be administered as well.
  • Entry into any building on campus will be limited to faculty, staff and students ONLY. Other visitors will be allowed on campus by appointment only.
  • Hand Sanitizing stations will be provided in every classroom. Students are encouraged to bring their own sanitizer to use when moving from place to place.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a labeled water bottle to school with them. No-touch fountains within our facilities can be used to refill individual bottles.
  • All students will require a COVID19 liability waiver in order to attend school on campus.
  • 5th grade – 12th grade students will sanitize desks at the end of each class period before transitioning to the next class.

  • Teachers will teach, supervise, and reinforce handwashing for all students.
  • Families are encouraged to begin practicing handwashing according to CDC guidelines.
  • Lower School resource schedules have been adjusted to account for time to disinfect supplies and spaces in between class groups.

Health Advisory Task Force

Dr. Ryan Gallaher
Infectious Disease Specialist
Physicians East
Dr. Keith Ramsey
Infectious Disease Specialist
Vidant Medical Center
Tara Stroud
James & Connie Maynard Children's Hospital
Anne Fields
Director of Health Services
Parrott Academy
In order to maintain alignment with our school’s mission and philosophy we are working on a schedule that will incorporate all of the regularly planned academic offerings along with our fine arts electives and resource classes for lower school. We also recognize that we may need to blend virtual learning with face-to-face education to stay within health and safety parameters.
  • All faculty will participate in professional development during the summer to become proficient in the use of a single online instructional platform.
  • Teachers will supplement their face-to-face instruction with online tools so that all students and families feel comfortable if we are to have to return to virtual learning at any point.
  • Class sizes have been reduced and student desks will be safely spaced apart in all divisions.
  • Many teachers have moved into classrooms that best accommodate their class sizes.
  • The schedule has been adjusted to reduce unnecessary contact between individuals as much as possible.
  • Resource teachers will travel to classrooms when possible.
  • In the case that we could not safely accommodate our entire student body on campus, a blended learning (virtual/face-to-face) contingency plan is in place. Students would meet on campus several days a week and participate in virtual learning off campus several days a week. (Grades 7-12 only)
  • Given the many new protocols that will be in place the first day of school we will be staggering our start date as follows:
    • On Monday, August 24Transition - 5th will return to school for a half day.
    • On Tuesday, August 25Transition through fifth grade along with grades 6 and 9 will return to school for a half day. This will give our newest middle school and high school students an opportunity to adjust to their new environments
    • On Wednesday, August 26ALL students will return to campus for a full day of instruction. Seniors, Mrs. Moye and Mrs. White are busy working on a way to offer you all a safe, socially distanced senior retreat on this day. We will communicate more details on that at a later date.
  • Lower school classes will continue to participate in all normal resource offerings (Art, PE, computer, character ed, chorus, music, foreign lang, creative movement). Modifications will be in place to ensure sufficient spacing, and the health and hygiene of the students.
  • Middle and Upper School Schedules will be available to view on Renweb on August 10. Lower school class lists will be available to view on Renweb, Friday, August 21st at 4pm.
  • Middle and Upper school schedule changes cannot be guaranteed and are limited to available space in class sections due to COVID19 spacing restrictions.
  • Lockers will not be utilized in middle and upper school. Students will be issued textbooks and keep them at home. Students will only be required to transport binders, writing utensils, and lightweight books/workbooks in their bookbags. Cubbies can still be utilized to store athletic equipment or musical instruments.
We are currently still in the planning stages of determining how to safely offer our food service operations to all students. We will modify cafeteria protocols that follow guidelines set by NCAIS, NAIS, and local, federal, state mandates.
  • All food service procedures have been modified to incorporate sufficient distancing as well as health and hygiene standards set by the CDC.
  • There will be no self-service food options but a pre-order process will be in place so that students desiring a salad or sandwich will be able to pick up a pre-packaged meal as an alternative to the hot meal option.
  • A staggered break/lunch dismissal schedule has been established to minimize the number of students moving through the cafeteria at any given time.
  • There will be a clearly marked one-way flow of movement in and out of the cafeteria at all times.
  • MS/US lunch will allow one grade per week to sit in the cafeteria to accommodate sufficient spacing. Students not eating in the cafeteria will eat in classrooms or in designated outdoor seating spaces.
  • Break food will be individually packaged grab-and-go style service. Students will eat in their 3rd period/homeroom classrooms.
  • Vending machines will be off limits until further notice.
  • Signage will designate sufficient spacing in lines and clearly mark seating options for students.
  • Families are encouraged to communicate their intent to utilize our buses so that we can adequately plan for the fall.
  • Families that have used the bus in the past, but plan to provide their own transportation should let Carolyn Allen know at their earliest convenience.
  • Buses will not be divided by age so that family members can share seating.
  • Temperature checks will be administered to each rider before boarding the bus on a daily basis – parents should wait until their student has boarded the bus before departing.
  • Buses will be sanitized daily prior to and after each trip to and from school.
  • Operations staff will follow transportation guidelines set by local health officials pertaining to bussing.
  • Bus riders will be required to wear cloth face covering during transit. Bus monitors will strictly enforce compliance.
  • Protective barriers have been added between seats on all APA buses.
  • APA will follow guidelines set by the NCISAA with regards to offering athletics.
  • APA intends to offer our normal extended day services and will utilize additional campus spaces if necessary, to do so safely.
  • The Academic Center will continue to operate. Crystal Wooten and the administration are working together to determine ways to safely offer one-on-one tutoring.
  • At this time all off-campus field trips are on hold. We will gather information from the organization or venues that we visit to ensure that their health and safety guidelines meet the standard of expectation to keep our students and teachers healthy.
At what temperature will my child be sent home from school? Students recording a temperature of 100.0*F will be required to return home that day.

What criteria must my child meet to return to school? We realize that there are many reasons other than COVID19 that would cause a fever. We are in communication with medical professionals to determine a protocol for allowing students to safely return to school if they are exhibiting symptoms.

How does APA plan to handle a case of COVID19? APA will follow guidelines set by the CDC and local and state health officials to communicate with students and families should there be a case of COVID19.

Will cloth face coverings or masks be required on campus? All Faculty, Staff, and Students will be required to wear a cloth face covering during the majority of the school day. Students in grades T-5 will remain with the same “cohort” throughout their day. Lower School Teachers will use discretion to provide mask breaks for their students when they are at their desks, six feet apart, and engaged in independent work. Please review the current CDC Guidelines regarding cloth face coverings and return to school. In order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure and transmission, we will align our school policies with these recommendations.
Will there be a Back to School night?  This year’s Back to School night will be virtual. Teachers will provide a brief introduction of themselves and their class for parents to view online during the first week of school.