Annual Fund

Dear Parrott Academy Family,

As parents, we treasure the milestones that occur in the lives of our children. At APA, we celebrate and treasure each accomplishment. These building blocks provide a strong foundation on which our children build upon throughout the remainder of school and life. Our unique approach of fostering each child’s intellectual, creative, social, physical and moral development in a positive and challenging environment makes Arendell Parrott Academy unique in its approach to education. As the parents of two Parrott Academy graduates, I can share with certainty that APA provides an education that is unparalleled by any school in our area. Over the years many of you have shared similar sentiments with me; that you treasure your Parrott Academy experience and how APA has helped shape your success.

Like most independent schools, Parrott Academy relies on other sources of income to fully fund and support our facilities, our curriculum and our extracurricular programs. One of the key sources of this additional income is our Annual Fund. Parrott Academy relies on all stakeholders; parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, alumni and friends to support our Annual Fund. Your ongoing support enables students to continue to excel in the classroom, on the playing field and on the stage while still serving in their home communities.

Our Annual Fund goal for 2018 is $80,000. A second and equally important goal, however, is 100% participation on the part of faculty, staff, members of our Board of Trustees, families and alumni. While large donations to Parrott Academy are obviously helpful, every donation regardless of the amount has a
significant impact on our school.

I am sure you share my pride in being a part of Parrott Academy’s success and hope you realize the vital role you play in helping us maintain our standard of excellence in education. Your participation in the 2018-2019 Annual Fund helps ensure we remain one of the top independent schools in North Carolina. To contribute, click here to donate online. Thank you for your continued support!

Dr. Bert S. Bright, Jr.
Arendell Parrott Academy

A Tradition of Excellence in Education