Theatre Arts

Theatre arts instruction at Parrott Academy covers a wide spectrum including improvisation, pantomime, foundations of acting, technical theatre, and stage management. Students learn far more than the technical aspects of theatre production. The growth of the student as an individual is our emphasis. Learning theatre arts affords the student the opportunity for self-exploration; building self-esteem and confidence in the process. Participation in theatre prepares a student for life outside the theatre: for classroom presentations, interviews, and eventually business presentations. A student does not just learn to act; he hones his math skills using geometry to build sets, he develops communications skills, and he learns to view the world through another's eyes. A student actor communicates better, becomes skilled at multi-tasking, and develops empathy.
Varied opportunities to perform are offered throughout the year. We participate and continue to be successful in theatre festivals at the state level and have been recognized for excellence for seven out of the last nine years. Annual productions include one act plays, a musical production, and a middle school production. Depending on casting needs, lower school students (third grade and up) are included in middle school and upper school productions. Creative camps are offered for lower school students each semester. Summer camps are offered for middle school students.
Students are involved in all aspects of theatrical productions: lighting technique, set design, costuming, and sound. The musical production is a collaborative effort employing the student orchestra, chorus, dancers, and visual artists. Eighty plus students are involved in its execution.
Our alumni have gone on to pursue theatre arts studies at the University of Michigan, UCLA, DePaul University, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and East Carolina University. Numerous alumni are continuing to participate in theatre and some have chosen to make it a profession.