Upper School Program


At Parrott Academy, we guide your child to exciting new discoveries and prepare students to strike out on their own by offering opportunities to excel on the playing fields, in the arts, and in the classroom.  We encourage them to expand their world view and develop an understanding of their place in the community through service initiatives.  We encourage them to pursue their passions and to find their place in the world.

We set high expectations for academic achievement.  Our faculty focuses on ensuring that every Upper School student is well prepared to attend the college or university he or she chooses.  We use the UNC university system’s admission requirements as a guideline for our graduation requirements.  Our school profile, included in the admissions packet and sent with every college application, offers in-depth information about curriculum offerings at the Academy.  The core curriculum continues to focus on English, math, science, social studies, and foreign languages.  Both honors level and Advanced Placement (AP) level courses are offered in each discipline.  Guided independent study and online courses are offered for the highly motivated and academically prepared student.  Students should plan on taking academic and other electives beyond those required for graduation and which are appropriate for their future education plans.

To aid in this process, we offer Upper School guidance and college advising.  Our guidance program is designed to assist students as they grow from tentative ninth graders into confident young adults ready to venture into their futures.  Students are encouraged to link high school and post–secondary education to future career options.  Information on enrichment opportunities, such as Summer Ventures in science and mathematics, Governor’s School, and other opportunities, is made available to students. Our college advising helps students identify colleges and universities that best match each individual’s needs and abilities. Beginning in freshman year, we assist our students on their journey of self–discovery.  By senior year, finding the right “college fit” is hopefully more thrilling than stressful.  Sophomore year, we make college campus visits as a class and we use this time to coach students on how to visit a college.  Our advisors partner with our faculty and coaches to help our students pursue an appropriate academic program and to develop special talents or interests beyond the classroom, knowing that each new experience helps them learn more about themselves.  We offer various opportunities for travel in the Upper School (our students have visited many countries on four continents including Ecuador, Peru, Spain, Italy, France, England, and China to name a few) through our SERV organization and academic departments.  

Our goal is to empower our students to be the best they can be.  We enjoy helping students find meaningful volunteer experiences, summer enrichment, leadership opportunities, and other activities to help them discover their talents and passions.  Additional programs, campus speakers, and college tours help students and their parents gain insight into choosing the right college.  The four–year cohesive effort involving students, parents, faculty, advisors, and counselors has resulted in over ninety–nine percent of Academy graduates pursuing education beyond the secondary level.
The Academy offers an extensive assortment of extracurricular activities in the arts, athletics, academic teams, student government, and service.  A complete list of clubs and organizations is available on our website.
  • Our faculty focuses on ensuring every student is well prepared for college and beyond.
  • The core curriculum centers on English, math, science, social studies, and foreign languages.
  • Honors and Advanced Placement level courses are offered, as listed in the school profile.
  • Guidance and college advising faculty work cohesively to guide students’ course selection, activity choices, and summer enrichment opportunities throughout all four years.
  • College visits in the sophomore year are made with the entire class to coach students on how to visit a campus.
  • A four-year coordinated effort by students, parents, faculty, advisors, and counselors results in over 99% of our alumni pursuing education beyond the secondary level.
  • Extensive extracurricular activities are offered in academics, arts, athletics, leadership, and service.