Lower School Program

A great education is based on a strong foundation built in the lower grades.  In our Lower School, you will find enthusiastic, certified teachers employing innovative techniques and challenging curricula.  Each classroom offers a warm and nurturing environment.  Small class sizes allow teachers to provide an accelerated program of study.  The Lower School curriculum centers on the development of language, math, science, and social studies skills.  Students learn study strategies and time management.  They work independently and collaboratively while learning how to be responsible and organized.  Resource classes afford students the opportunity to explore the arts, physical education, computer skills, foreign languages, and character education. On campus tutoring (at an additional fee) is available for students who need  extra support.
  • Language skills instruction emphasizes reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary development, composition, Steck-Vaughn spelling curriculum, and Handwriting without Tears for manuscript and cursive instruction.
  • Scott Foresman math curriculum promotes progressively more complex math skills appropriate for each grade level including basic computational skills along with measurement (time, money, standard, metric), fractions, geometry, and statistics.
  • Harcourt Science program introduces concepts in life, earth, and physical science.
  • Science resource instruction offers a weekly science lab employing a “hands-on” interactive approach with students designing, conducting, and evaluating simple experiments.
  • Social Studies introduces students to the study of family, neighborhoods, local communities, holidays, and historical figures (through grade three).
  • History instruction begins in fourth grade with North Carolina and American history
    being introduced.
  • Resource classes enhance core studies and include: library skills, physical education, character education, computer science, art, choral music, Suzuki Strings, theatre (5th Grade), dance (5th Grade), and Spanish or French.
  • Extracurricular activities become available including Elementary Chorus (2nd-5th grade), the school musical (when age appropriate roles are available), private instruction by faculty or students in piano, guitar, and strings (additional fees apply).