Middle School Advisor

The Middle School advisor provides students in grades 5-8 with the support they need to successfully perform in an accelerated academic environment. The goal of the advisor is to inspire students to reach their potential and find success in achieving their individual goals.
Topics addressed with students include study skills, test-taking tools and strategies, and peer relationships. Group discussions on social issues, such as peer pressure and bullying, are covered throughout the year. Outside speakers are invited to speak on selected topics, such as Internet safety and online digital citizenship.
The advisor advocates for students, promotes social success, and mediates conflict resolution as needed. She may communicate with parents on academic and social issues and help facilitate parent/teacher communications. Students are identified for enrichment activities, such as the Duke Talent Identification Program, by the Middle School advisor as well.
The advisor helps to coordinate standardized testing for the Middle School throughout the year to assess current ability and to identify knowledge gaps. The advisor works closely with individual instructors to promote student strengths in the classroom environment.